Our Story. Our Mission.

 We are Cindy S. Rau and Natalia Ocampo, the creators of ALLIES 4 ALL. We met in Jersey City, married in Jersey City, live in Jersey City and so yes…

we fell in love with this city!


We are part of this community that is full of diversity and fun. Here we have grown to embrace our connection to minority groups.


We are proud to be LGBTQ+! We represent our international backgrounds! We admire our fellow women! And most of all, we support, respect, and celebrate everyone for who they are! No matter race, sexuality, ethnicity, etc.


Allies 4 ALL was inspired by our community. Realizing that each person in this world is essential to create our beautiful diversity drove us to find a way to support others. What better way to start than supporting our local community? Each of us all represents something greater.


ALLIES 4 ALL is a company from the people to the people. We are an apparel & accessories online store. A percentage from every purchase made on our website will be donated to selected charities, community organizations and non-profits in our area.


Thank you for visiting our website and supporting our cause. And remember, we are all under the same sky!