Welcome to Allies 4 All, a group focused on making our resistance of the current administration efficient, active, and – yes – even positive! We want to eliminate the overwhelming feeling that comes from facing alone the vastness of everything at stake right now. To do that, we’re taking the divide-and-conquer approach. Essentially, we each become a “watchdog” for one core issue.  We research that issue daily and update the group on our findings whenever necessary – in a concise and efficient way.  We use reputable sources and keep our summaries digestible and action-oriented.

The primary goal is to support and educate each other. We don’t want to go viral. We want to support and empower each other to make the fight ahead feel manageable.

In short, we focus on:

  • efficiency
  • positivity
  • action

Beyond education, we also meet every four weeks to discuss our victories as well as our challenges. We attend town hall meetings and marches where we can use our educated voices to promote change.  We also balance the work with some play occasionally!