The organizing group behind the January 20th Women’s March on Washington have scheduled an woman’s strike for International Women’s Day on March 8th, 2017.

Here’s how you can take part:

1. If possible, women should take the day off from paid and unpaid duties.

Consider whether you can be absent from work without endangering your job. If so, try to join a rally in your city, volunteer at a women’s shelter, or otherwise devote your day to educating yourself or others on women’s rights. If you can’t miss work, consider having a conversation with your boss or co-workers about your place in the workplace, obstacles you face due to your gender, or how your presence is important to your company at large. Also leave the household duties for another day.

2. Avoid shopping for a day.

Let’s show our economic importance by avoiding spending money – especially at big corporations that don’t fight for equality. This doesn’t mean we should do a big grocery trip on March 7th. Pull something out of your freezer for dinner – or use that can of beans or bag of rice in your pantry. Alternatively, if you know of a small, local, or women-run company that does their part to advance equal rights, shop there!

3. Wear red in solidarity.

This is a great option for male allies!

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