Allies 4 All

What is Allies 4 All?

This is not the world we expected to be living in. Our country is in dangerous hands.

We need to find community, positivity and trusted information so that we can be equipped to fight for what is right.

This group was started in Los Angeles after the first week of Trump’s presidency left our heads spinning. It’s hard to call senators about one thing when there are five other high-stake issues clamoring for our attention. Is this discombobulation intentional? Are some things just a distraction to keep our eyes off the rest? With so many moving pieces and so much misinformation, Allies 4 All is a place to simplify and keep track of the issues that matter most.

Each individual in this group is assigned one issue to research daily and keep the group informed about – in a concise and efficient way. This will include regular posts on the website and action items when possible.

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